I don't know whether some of you have noticed but all of my posts are gone.
And.... they were deliberately deleted by me.  
I've been kind of going through a midlife crisis and realising that I am not happy with the content on my blog and Instagram page. I am a perfectionist and my style has changed over the past three years. 

I deleted all my 280 posts on Instagram and changed my user to @yxuvra 
One major reason why I deleted my posts on Instagram is because I felt like my feed was portraying a person that I am not. I've started a new feed and want to keep my user and profile looking clean and minimal. I will still have one column of quotes but I will be choosing them wisely now. I want them to motivate me and my page visitors. For a minute I thought about quitting blogging but some people talked me out of it.

My main focus is Instagram but I will be using my blog to get into details about things and I will occasionally post reviews, collaborations, talk about TV shows and books but in a different style (better of course). I always wanted to post outfit pictures but never had the confidence to actually take pictures in public. I'm going to slowly get into doing it but I will start post ones from my room first. 

As for collaborations, I will be strict with myself and only say yes to brands I really want to work with and will enjoy writing about. For the most part, I've always collaborated with great brands but there were a few that I just could not get myself to review. 

I will be blogging and posting on Instagram often now that I have graduated from high school two days ago. I think this "fresh start" will inspire me to post a lot more now that I can be happy with my content, truly be myself and be comfortable posting whatever I want. 

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