I don't know whether some of you have noticed but I haven't posted since January but no one would know that anyway because ALL of of my posts are gone. 
And.... they were deliberately deleted by me.  
I've been kind of going through a midlife crisis and thinking about everything during my easter break. 

At some point during midnight two days ago, I started thinking about my blog and Instagram account and how I'm not really happy with it. I visited my own blog and noticed that I haven't posted much and I wasn't satisfied with it (I'm a perfectionist)
I constantly made false and unrealistic promises every once in a while about how I would post like 8-10 times a month. It's just not possible with my final year of school and I generally don't want to put any extra pressure on myself. 
So then I deleted all my 280 posts on Instagram and changed my user to @yxuvra 
One major reason why I deleted my posts on Instagram is because I felt like my feed was portraying a person that I am not. I don't want to put up a front and look like a very positive person because I really am not. For those that are new, my posts would alternate between a quote and a normal photo. 

I've started a new feed and want to keep my user and profile looking clean and minimal. I will still have one column of quotes but I will be choosing them wisely now. I want them to motivate me and my page visitors. For a minute I thought about quitting blogging but I talked to some people and decided not to. 
My main focus is Instagram but I will be using my blog to get into details about things and I will occasionally post reviews, collaborations, talk about TV shows and books but in a different manner (but also better)
I always wanted to post outfit pictures but never had the confidence to actually take pictures in public. I'm going to slowly get into it but mainly post ones from my room like I did yesterday (which I am proud of to be honest)
As for collaborations, I will be strict with myself and only say yes to brands I really want to work with and will enjoy getting on my laptop and writing about. For the most part, I've always collaborated with great brands but there were a few that I just could not get myself to review. 

So basically, I just was not happy with my content and really felt the need to start over because I was a very different person when I started doing this in 2015. I will be blogging and posting on Instagram often. I think this "fresh start" will inspire me to post a lot more now that I can be happy with my content, truly be myself and be comfortable posting whatever I want. 

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