My New Years Goals | 2017


Hello everyone. Hope everyone had a lovely christmas and new year celebration!
For my first post of the year I thought it would be best to talk about my goals for this busy year of mine and I tried to be as realistic as possible while I wrote them down on my journal last week. 2016 was a weird year for me. I was so inspired and motivated in the beginning in all aspects of my life. As the year went by though, I suddenly lost interest in everything. I stopped blogging, reading, barely watched any shows and did not really study as much I wanted to. Hence, I'm going to set the bar low for the start of the year so I do not feel overwhelmed at the end of the year like last year. Also, this is my final year of school so I have to work a lot until July in order to achieve my goals. 


I've been going to the gym for over 8 months now yet I'm just looking bigger. I've stopped going to zumba and doing cardio so I've been doing a lot of weights recently and I don't think that was a good idea. It works out for some girls and when you look at their body you can tell they work out but it's not the same with me. I have now started just doing cardio with no weight lifting in order to lose 10kg this year, preferably before prom in July. I just want a huge body transformation this year so that I can work out with weights at the end of the year and it would actually look like I go to the gym. I also want to watch what I eat and stop snacking on junk food completely because that makes a huge difference. Overall, I want to be content with my body and proud of it by the end of this year. 


Last year, I set a reading goal of 30 books and only read 6 at the end. Only six books. That's crazy. I repeat 2016 was a weird slump for me. I originally set a goal of 30 books again this year but that's very unrealistic too when I come to think of it. Until July, I'll barely get to read my own books because I'll be so focused on school work and hopefully in September I'll start going to university. So, expecting myself to read a lot during summer would be quite unrealistic. Because I've got so much going on this year, I will set a goal of 15 books only


For school, I just want to be really motivated and get as much work as possible during my free periods because I've got quite a lot of them. I just want to use them for homework, studying and a final free period for eating lunch rather than using those periods to talk with other people and sitting around. That way, I can get other stuff done at home too. I want to work as hard as I can in order to reach the average I want. For university, I just hope to be happy studying something I actually enjoy and love rather than doing it for the money. 


Last year I set a goal of 6-8 posts a month and while it worked at first, it completely failed halfway through the year. I have to remind myself that I have so many other things in life that I want to achieve and be successful in and that I am not a full-time 17 year old blogger. This year I will only publish one blog post a week (either Mondays or Wednesdays) which means 4 posts a month. If I have extra time on my hands I will go for 6 posts that month. Then, once summer comes around and I've graduated from school I will be able to focus on my blog completely and post a lot. 
My overall goal then is to grow my audience and to only post quality content. That is why I'd rather have 4 quality posts than 8 posts that I'm not satisfied with. I also want to work on more collaborations with brands that I love. As for Instagram, I want to improve my pictures and content. I hope to have more followers as well since that would show me whether my content is improving or not. 


I want to:
  • Manage my time better, stop procrastinating.
  • Step out of my comfort zone, take outfit pictures in beautiful places even if people are watching me.
  • Learn Turkish. 
  • Travel to Turkey. I will hopefully be visiting in February after my exams are over and in Summer. I'm really excited as I haven't been there for 4 years (doesn't feel like it), I can't wait to see my family and relax in a beach there during summer when all my school worries are over.
  • Travel to Dubai. It's going to be two years since I've moved to Germany and haven't visited so I am really hoping to visit during the winter break this year (I know that's like 12 months away haha)
  • Care less about what people think about me.
  • Focus on my life and not involve myself in other people's business. 
  • Always be kind. 

What are your goals for this year?


  1. I definitely need to get more steady with my posting schedule myself, and this year I'm really trying to work towards blog monetization too. Best of luck with yours goals!

    xx Heather |

  2. I've been doing weights for the past month and it has helped me a lot. I find weights a lot more efficient than cardio to be honest but I guess everyone is different. Good luck with all of these :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Cute as ever.
    I wish you a merry Xmas and a Happy new year honey

    Alice Cerea

  4. Great post! Wish you the best of 2017!