Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash - First Impressions


I went to the drugstore a few days ago looking for a new mascara but then ended up looking through the skincare aisle and decided to get a backup of my Garnier Micellar Water. I noticed there was a new cleansing gel wash version and I quickly picked that one up and could not wait to try it out because I would love to be able to remove my makeup faster and without cotton pads. I have used the product about four times now to be able to write a short review/my first impression.

My favorite part of the day is coming home, changing into comfier clothes and removing my makeup but sometimes I cannot be bothered with the skincare part (even though I always end up doing it). I am always up for trying out products that speed up my skincare routine and do not irritate my skin like makeup remover wipes do. Garnier says: "Our all-in-one rinse-off gel wash not only cleanses but also soothes and removes make-up, even on eyes and lips. Even for sensitive skin. No perfume. Grape extract. "

Firstly, I love that the gel bottle comes with a pump that dispenses the perfect amount of product and I found that one pump is just enough for me. So far, I'm so impressed by this product and will always be purchasing this now instead of the micellar water. All I have to do is wet my face then get one pump of the gel and cleanse my face with it. I make sure to go around my eyes too and remove my mascara but then I do not open my eyes at all. It states on the back of the product not to get it into your eyes because it will sting them. This removes my mascara way better than the cleansing water. After using the gel there's no trace of mascara left like on my lash line whereas with the cleanser water I find that I have to use two cotton pads and it still wouldn't perfectly remove my eye makeup. I haven't tried removing my full face makeup with this as I only wear minimal makeup during the weekdays. It does remove the concealer, highlighter, eyebrow powder, blush and mascara very easily though. I would still not try removing my foundation with it on weekends and I would turn to coconut oil just to make sure all the makeup is removed.

Another great thing about the gel wash is that it leaves your skin feeling smooth just like it claims. My skin doesn't feel dry at all after using it. Now that I'm going to replace the micellar water with this I'm also not going to have to constantly buy cotton pads too which is good for the environment. I would still obviously cleanse my face with another cleanser after this especially with heavier makeup. It still does make my routine shorter and simpler only having to cleanse once with this, washing my face then moisturising. The best part now after coming home from the gym is that I can directly get in the shower and remove my light makeup in there.

Overall, I love this product and think that it is great enough to replace my trustee Micellar Water. I am sure many of you haven't seen or purchased it yet which is why I highly recommend you do. This product gets a 5/5 stars from me.

Will you try this product out?


  1. Would love to try this it sounds so good! love the photo too! <3
    Chloe xx

  2. Your contents are always so cool!

    Alice Cerea