Recent Favorites #1


Hello everyone! Hope everyone's having a great weekend so far :)
As I don't try out too many products every month I don't find it reasonable to do a monthly favorites post so I'm going to start posting 'Recent Favorites' every 3 months starting with this one! I'll be including all the beauty products, skincare products, books, tv shows/seasons, music and other random products I've been loving. 

The Konjac Sponge Review


My skin has gotten somewhat dry and devitalised with my Roaccutane prescription and the cold weather during winter. I've always had a simple skincare routine, nothing extravagant but I've made a few changes to help hydrate my skin and it's working out pretty well. One of the things I have been doing is using a konjac sponge with my cleanser.  The sponge is made from a potato-like plant root used as a healthy food source and for its medicinal properties in many parts of Asia. Additionally, Konjac is naturally alkaline so it helps balance the skin's pH. 

Polaroids with Cheerz


A few weeks ago, I was thinking about how most families (including mine) have all their childhood and family photos all in photo albums and most of them only have one copy. My family still has not gotten these pictures scanned to a digital format, which we probably should get to doing soon. Besides getting them digitalised, I wanted my own copies of my favorite photos. With Cheerz, I was able to get these photos printed in a different, special and memorable way. They offer many products such as photo prints (retro or square), photo albums, magnets, invitations, posters, wedding decoration boxes, and more!  

Throwing Makeup Out


A day indoors during the weekend gives everyone the perfect excuse to binge-watch a TV show while clearing out their makeup collection. I know we can all be tempted to hold on to a makeup product for as long as we can, but makeup and skincare products do have expiration dates too. Expired cosmetics can lead to irritation, eye infection (had a number of those) and breakouts. You can know when you need to throw your makeup out by keeping track of when you purchased them along with the help of this list you've probably seen everywhere: