Classic Style with Daniel Wellington


Many of you probably already know about the beautiful timeless watches by Daniel Wellington that have been all over Instagram and on other's blogs. Now, I'm not usually someone who likes to wear jewellery or watches but this watch has instantly become one that I just love. I own another watch that's entirely rose gold from MK but haven't worn much after purchasing. I realized after receiving this from Daniel Wellington, that a simple classic watch is more of my style and what I prefer wearing on a daily basis.

Mother's Day Gift Guide


Mother's Day is slowly approaching and everyone will need to start thinking of ways to treat their mothers nicely! Debenhams kindly got in touch to ask what my mother taught me and out of all the many great things she's taught me, one of them was to simply look after myself. I've been taught to look after myself in various ways like my skin, health, and just in general in my life. Mother's day is a perfect day to get your mom to do the same for herself and buy her things that she normally wouldn't. 

What's On My iPhone 6



Today I decided to share what's on my phone, because why not? You're going to notice how organized my apps are and how I don't have so many like a lot of people do. I like to only keep apps I really need and use often and I don't have any games either (I never find myself playing them). It is one of my biggest pet peeves when people have a very unorganized phone or have a count on an app icon like 100+ messages or emails. 

Mini Haul #1


I mentioned in my previous post, that I had gone out and done some shopping! I bought a few things that I wanted to share with you all! Some of these pieces are for the hotter times to come, and I also got some items to wear to the gym.  

Face of the Day #1


Hello everyone!

I've never posted about a look I wear so I thought why not today? I was originally planning on my first OOTD post but that did not work out when a cat decided to join me and my sister (we're terrified of cats, especially me). My two sisters and I wanted to go to the city, do some shopping and have lunch. It turned out to be a pretty good day and I will hopefully have a post up soon on a few things I picked up these past few days. This is the look I wore for today.