Book Review: Saint Anything


23009402     Author: Sarah Dessen

     Page Count: 448

     Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary/Romance

     Format: Paperback

     ISBN: 0141361735

Jamy's Burger - Review


jamy's burger

I love burgers. I love food in general but sometimes I just crave a really good burger. At times, my craving can be satisfied with a veggie burger from McDonald's but other times it just doesn't do the job. In Dubai, my go to place for a good fresh burger would be Shake Shack but seeing as they don't have them here I had to look for other places that could be a substitute. Not only did I end up finding that, but it turned out to be better than Shake Shack as well in my opinion.

Insta-Recap #1

New TV Shows I've Been Watching


When I first started blogging, the first post with actual content that I put up was the TV shows I was watching at that time. Ever since then with not enough time on my hands, I only got the chance to start six other TV shows that I wanted to share with all of you. A few of these have become on the top list of my favorite TV shows as well.

Gerard Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Review


I've been really digging the cool toned/grey shades of lipsticks and liquid lipsticks that I have been seeing everywhere. I saw many people talking about Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipsticks, specifically the shade Gravity. I found Gerard Cosmetics sharing a code during the holidays on Instagram, so I decided to purchase two beautiful shades for just $22 (original price for one is $20!). 

How I Cleared My Skin! (Roaccutane - 3 Months Update)


I've started having breakouts since three years, which I understand is natural but it would never clear out. It would mostly be a lot of red spots and pimples on my forehead, around my mouth area and sometimes cheeks. I tried numerous things to try and clear my face but nothing worked. I tried some 10-day prescriptions, there would be slight improvements and then the breakouts/redness would just come back so it was just pointless taking those pills. My eldest sister was in the exact situation as me (oily skin, breakouts, redness etc.) and after these short prescriptions, she finally resorted to Roaccutane and it worked wonders on her in a few months. After seeing the results, I decided that I wanted to try Roaccutane. 

Favorite Books of 2015


I mentioned on my New Years Resolutions post that I only ended up reading 20 books in 2015 which is disappointing for me as I wanted to read 35 books. Luckily though, I enjoyed every book I read and did not end up disliking any. Since I didn't read much, I only have 8 books I picked as my favorite books of 2015 (some are of all time).  You will notice that five of these books are by the same author, and that's because I discovered Colleen's book "Maybe Someday" in 2014 and she instantly became my favorite author. Hence, I picked up most of her other books in 2015 (still have two left for whenever I'm in need of reading one of her books). 

How to Stay Organized (Free Printables)


free printable 2016 calendar

Happy new year! I hope all of you had a great time celebrating. I'm so happy that January is finally here and I'm excited to be blogging more like I mentioned in my slacking on blogging post and my new year's resolutions post. I did mention I would post on Mondays and Fridays but I felt like it would be more beneficial to have this post up as soon as possible instead of waiting till Monday. Keep reading to find out how I'm planning on staying organized this year in the easiest ways possible!