Velvet Revival: My Flourishing Collection


As autumn has gone by and winter has come before us, there is only one trend that most of us have definitely fallen in love with and that is the velvet trend. I think everyone around me can guarantee that I have developed an obsession with this luxurious beautiful fabric and that I may need help. Velvet is a fabric that was worn during the Renaissance to express power and wealth, and this is another trend from the past that today's generation has decided to bring back (I'm not complaining). In this post, I'm going to be sharing all the velvet items I have accumulated over the past few months and the ones I've been loving. I will have to state that all these items I will be mentioning are from Zara which was not done on purpose, I just love Zara and I wish this post was sponsored by them but it isn't.

The first velvet item (left) I bought was last year when it still wasn't such a big deal and no one was really wearing it -hipster, I know- and it is by far one of my favorite dresses ever. I cannot find it on the website anymore obviously but Zara still brings out some items here and there that are pretty similar. I just love how the shape of the dress and how it fits my body perfectly. It also has the beautiful detail that goes up till the neck which means no necklace or choker is needed with this outfit because the dress is the main focus already. To not make this look grunge, pairing it with a bright red lipstick would be perfect.  

On the right, is a red velvet dress with no details and this one also has a decently high neckline so I feel like I could pair it with some dainty silver earrings. I have not worn this dress yet but I definitely have to be a bit careful with the outfit and how it comes together in order for me to not look like a walking velvet curtain.

Now, after doing a bit of research I actually realised that these two items only give the illusion of velvet but are actually made out of chenille yard. Since they look like velvet, I thought I still had to keep these in. I've got them in two colors, Mustard and Navy Blue. I've also been rocking my mom's long chenille jacket in Navy Blue which has been keeping me warm these days. Everyone needs one of these items because the chenille material is so thick which superbly keeps you warm, cozy and comfortable. I've been told the chenille jacket is basically like an appropriate version of a bath robe which is not a bad thing as long as you put an outfit together that doesn't look like you just got out of the shower or bed and had no time to change.

This red velvet top is a very elegant piece that you can wear almost anywhere unlike the dresses. You could pair it with this metallic skirt or a pair of simple black culottes. When I first bought the top I didn't have the skirt or culottes so I paired it with some jeans which didn't look as good, maybe with light-washed jeans the outfit would've looked more causal and nice overall. I got cleopatra vibes by wearing a head piece too. The beige velvet sweatshirt definitely looks very classy and feels so soft although this would have to be paired with a thick coat during this time of the year. What I love about these velvet items is that you can easily dress up with heels, culottes or a pencil skirt or you could keep it a bit more casual with jeans (although it will never be completely casual because there is velvet involved). 

Here is a picture of me and my sisters of when I wore this red velvet top with a head piece. 

Now if you feel like going to work, college or whatsoever with a velvet top or dress is too much then accessorising with velvet pieces is perfect. I got a pair of burgundy velvet sneakers which I absolutely love. I could be very lazy and wear a black sweater then these velvet sneakers would make the outfit a bit more lively. There has been a pair of adidas campus shoes in burgundy that I have not been able to find anywhere and these sneakers remind me of them.  

Then the most recent purchase was from two weeks ago and that is a velvet scarf and turban hairband. I love the beautiful touch these two can add to a simple outfit but I will have to say my hair is very soft and tends to get static easily from these velvet accessories which is quite irritating. 

What do you think about the velvet trend, are you just as 
obsessed as I am?

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  1. You have some amazing wardrobe pieces here, I just love the red velvet top and sneakers! x

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