Recent Favorites #2


Hi everyone.........

It's been a while. By a while I mean more than 3 months. Longest I've ever gone without blogging and at first there was no big reason for example when I got back from Paris, I just wasn't inspired to blog and was going through a big slump. I didn't blog at all, barely got any reading done and barely watched TV shows. Then, my senior year of school started which started off with too much work and it still is a lot of work. I even considered to stop blogging and just go private on social media at one point but everyone stopped me haha. I'm finally feeling a bit more inspired so I'm going to try my best to upload at least once or twice a week now. For today's post I thought it would be best to share what I've been loving since the last favorites post.

I usually suck at applying eyeshadow and both of my eyes would look different every time I applied eyeshadow. It also makes my face look weird but my sister gifted the Isadora Eye Shadow Palette (Matte Chocolate) to me on my birthday and I absolutely love it. It somehow works for me and it's very easy to work with, unlike all the other high end palettes I've tried. The shades are all neutral, very pigmented and buttery which I love. I think you can't go wrong with this palette as it's a perfect go-to palette with neutral shades. This is definitely in the list of my holy grail products now.

The H&M Eyebrow Shaping Palette has been a favorite for a few months but using it has become a daily habit and an essential part of my makeup routine. It's not like my eyebrows need it badly especially not after being threaded but it's always nice to fill shape them more and bring the color back in after applying foundation. It has been a lifesaver too for times when my eyebrows really need to get done like at the moment. 

The Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks was another thing I was gifted on my birthday since they had an offer on cheaper international shipping. I've always wanted to try out Colourpop's products and I've yet to try out more. Their liquid lipsticks are definitely worth the hype. The shades I've been loving is the famous dark brown shade Limbo and a shade that is more on the pink side, Viper. I've been wanting to try KathleenLights' lip shades and Mr. Bing liner which I will have to purchase soon and maybe then do a review on all Colourpop cosmetics products.

The perfume, Insolence by Guerlain, is literally heaven in a bottle. My mom had a set of the perfume and lotion years ago and I loved the scent so much I would always secretly go to her room and use the lotion. I rediscovered the scent last year and have been wanting it ever since. My mom kindly bought it for me on my birthday and I've been cherishing it. It's unlike any other perfume, it's more feminine and smells almost like bubblegum. Insolence is definitely my all time favorite scent and I will hopefully be repurchasing it when this bottle is empty. I highly recommend everyone to smell this if you find yourself in a store selling high end perfumes. 

Everyone around me now knows I'm obsessed with any fashion piece in velvet right now. I've got a growing collection from velvet sweaters to dresses to shoes. This Velvet High Neck Sweater from Zara has been one of my favorites and I'm hoping to write up a post about all things velvet I own and that are on my wishlist. You can easily just pair it up with jeans and sneakers and look like you put a big effort in for your outfit all because of the velvet material. I've got some pieces that are very cozy too which I love.

I bought this 18-month planner from Kate Spade in the start of this academic year and it is a bit more pricey than other planners out there but I think it's worth the money. It helps me stay organized and lets me have an overview of what I have to do in a month, week and day which is great. For my senior year, being organized and knowing due dates is important so the planner helps a lot.


I put up a post during the summer on the list of shows I wanted to watch but I ended up only starting one at the very end of summer (and still haven't finished it) but I've been obsessed with it and that show is Suits. I'm thinking of studying Law in the future as that's something that always interested me even as a child hence I've been loving Suits. It's not all about law and court cases though which I like. I love the main characters Harvey Specter and Mike Ross and there's something about them that just makes the show very interesting to watch.

  • I've discovered an artist called Sal Houdini and I've been obsessed with him and his style of music, there's a part of me that doesn't want him to get too famous because I hate it when radios and people ruin the music I love by overplaying them. Some songs I've been loving by him are: Bonbon Remix, Tell Me Now, I'll Be Ok. 
  • Pull Me Down by Mikky Ekko 
  • Lordly (feat. Alex Aiono) by Feder
  • Speeding Cars - Walking On Cars
  • This Town - Niall Horan
  • Euforija - Rasta
  • Vatikan Vuk Mob

I never thought I'd say this because german music and rap always made me cringe (some still do) but I've started listening to some and I can't stop. I know there's some German readers so I thought I had to admit this and share my favorite ones.

Vanilla Sky (mit Nimo) - Hanybal 
Halbmond - Kurdo
Fast Live - Azet

That's all for my favorites. I've actually missed blogging and I know this post is a little out of place but I'm trying haha. I'm hoping to have another post up this week. As I've mentioned before, this is a post I want to do every 2 or maybe even 3 months rather than having a monthly favorites post as sometimes there's not much I've tried out. 

What has been some of your favorites?


  1. the velvet sweater is gorgeous! I still need to try colour pop, im so behind haha
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Yayy new music to listen!! thanks for sharing:D

  3. The velvet high neck sweater looks great!

  4. Welcome back! I honestly thought you quit blogging because it's been so long! Sounds like you had your plate full though and it's really good that you're making a comeback!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. I've wanted to buy those Colourpop lipsticks for the longest time, I think they're going to be part of my Christmas gift to myself :)
    Loved reading this, the pictures are truly gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful day
    Agnese | Agnese's Coiffeuse