OGX Shampoo & Conditioner Review


I've always seen the OGX hair products being reviewed and raved about by bloggers and wondered how they would be for my hair type, and I finally got the chance to try them out! OGX is one of the most innovative hair care brands around, with a huge range of luxury shampoo and conditioners for an affordable price. Most of their products are inspired by nature, SLS sulphate free and they do not test on animals. The chemical SLS removes the oils from your hair which is bad if you have dry or damaged hair because it would strip your hair of its natural oils, too. Shampoos that are free of sulphates will increase the moisture in your hair, retain your hair's natural oils and reduce scalp problems.

OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner

When I was asked which range I'm interested in trying out, I chose the Coconut Milk range. The products in this range include a shampoo, conditioner, serum and oil mist. The reason I chose this range to review is mainly because coconut is meant to work wonders on your hair. It also contains egg white which is an ingredient that many people use for homemade hair treatments. Firstly, I love the packaging of the OGX products. The shape of their bottles is different than others, it's minimal and looks like a high-end salon hair brand. Then, the smell of the coconut milk shampoo and conditioner is incredible. The coconut scent lasts so long I could smell it even the next day during an intense gym session, and my shampoo scents usually don't even last five hours.

The shampoo is quite thick so only a really small amount is needed for each wash and it cleanses the hair really well. I find that after using the shampoo my hair is already smooth enough that I don't need the conditioner so I don't use it that often. The two are perfect to use together when you need a really good hair cleanse. After Zumba when I've sweated all over and my hair is dirty, the shampoo and conditioner work really well on my hair and cleanses my scalp like no other shampoo and conditioner. My hair is already naturally straight but after using this range on my hair and drying my hair, my hair looks even better than it used to. My hair feels silky, soft and shines beautifully afterwards.

As I said, my hair is naturally straight but it is also shiny so I have to wash my hair every other day. When I used to live in Dubai, my roots would already get greasy the night after I washed my hair and during the hours before I wash my hair again. I could not even skip a day of washing my hair because my hair would be too greasy and my scalp would hurt. After moving here (weather difference) and also taking Roaccutane, I did not have that problem anymore. My hair and roots were perfectly fine during the hours before I take a shower again. After using this range though, I feel like it gets slightly greasy on my shower day. So, if you have shiny and straight hair maybe try out their Coconut Water range instead or just stay away from the coconut ranges completely.

They sent me a few travel sized shampoos and conditioners from their other ranges, too. These travel sized ones are perfect especially if you're just going on a short trip and it saves space. I haven't tried the famous Argan Oil of Morocco range one yet but I tried out the Coconut Water and the Biotin & Collagen shampoos which helped the greasy hair situation more than the Coconut Milk range. I think I'll use the Coconut Milk range for when my hair needs a really good cleanse and try to not touch my hair much to prevent it from getting too shiny. The two other ranges I'm really interested in checking out in the future is the Tea Tree Mint and the Lemon Highlights range. They might end up working better for me than the Coconut Milk range and the Lemon Highlights one sounds great for summer! 

I still highly recommend that you try out OGX's hair products but choose the range for your hair wisely and check the description for each one to see which one would work for your hair type. The Coconut Milk range would probably work best for those with normal to dry hair. You could also take this test to know which shampoo and conditioner to buy for yourself.

What do you think about the OGX hair products?

*OGX kindly sent me these items
 for the purpose of this post, all opinions are my own.


  1. I really want to try this.. thank you for sharing! I always love to make new blogger friends by the way, let me know if you would like to follow each other and stay in touch! x


  2. Great Post Hun! I have used OGX once before a while ago now and really liked it but I haven't used them in awhile now maybe I should pick some more up :)

    Nicole xx | www.nicolesbeautybabble.com

  3. ive also heard quite a bit about the brand but never tried it for myself! I want! it looks amazing and I love anything coconutty :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Thank you for your great tips! I will definitely need to try out a new product for my hair :)



  5. I've seen these products just about everywhere, so thank you for sharing your thoughts! I was completely stuck on whether to buy them before this. But I think I'll definitely give them a go.

    Have a lovely day!

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

  6. That's so cool, love your style!

    Alice Cerea

  7. sounds amazing!! really need to give this a try


  8. I love this brand! This particular one smells so good! Hard to turn down :)

    mallory | http://www.the-drifter.com

  9. I would love to give those a go they sound great! Love that they come in travel size as well so handy over summer hols! Love your blog <3
    Chloe xx

  10. Overall, everything sounds great. I especially love coconut, so I could see myself really enjoying this. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  11. Oooh nice job on swinging a partnership with them! I've used the coconut shampoo/conditioner by them and I loved it <3 My hair smelled so good!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Visit my YouTube channel!

  12. I was actually looking at this range a few days ago, I wish I picked it up now after reading this review. I'm so glad I found your blog, I'm obsessed.

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE

  13. I used these shampoos and conditioners forever! I'll have to give them another go!

    The Daily Delicacy

  14. sounds so good! It's a challenge for me to break my current hair treatment routine to try out new products, because you know, the hair is so sensitive. But I'll try to check out their ranges and see if anything would suit me!

  15. I love these shampoos as well; it smells divine!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  16. My sister loves OGX! She swears by the coconut milk range!


  17. Lovely coconut hair prods you got there! :)

    x, Kat of Nested Thoughts

  18. The Coconut Milk line would probably be best for my dry hair. Thanks for sharing. I've been curious about this brand.


  19. I never tried them, but I really like the packaging and the smell.
    Don't know if I should change my well working hair care :D

    Beautiful pics!
    xoxo, Colli

  20. I haven't tried their shampoo and conditioner but I love the coconut milk split ends mender from this brand. I find the scent of their coconut milk products to be phenomenal!