Throwing Makeup Out


A day indoors during the weekend gives everyone the perfect excuse to binge-watch a TV show while clearing out their makeup collection. I know we can all be tempted to hold on to a makeup product for as long as we can, but makeup and skincare products do have expiration dates too. Expired cosmetics can lead to irritation, eye infection (had a number of those) and breakouts. You can know when you need to throw your makeup out by keeping track of when you purchased them along with the help of this list you've probably seen everywhere:

An easier way you can know when the product expires is with this PAO symbol (period after opening) most of your products have on the back:

Following this symbol is the best way to do it as there are many different brands and their products' expiration date can vary. For example, the list above shows that you should throw away your powders after 24 months while this Gucci powder has the symbol that says to throw it away after 30 months. 

I don't think that it's necessary to follow the symbol strictly though as brands just want you to throw the makeup away sooner for you to go ahead and buy more of their products. The products would be fine to use even 2 months after 'expiring' but keeping it for 6 years more like many people do is too much. As long as you aren't sharing the products with someone else, your mascara for example, it could last for 5 months too. Lipsticks can last for more than a year as well, you just need to make sure they're in a clean environment and you're not keeping them out in the heat. Seeing as to how quickly makeup products expire, you should also make sure your makeup collection doesn't grow too fast. Going through your 10+ foundation bottles in about two years most likely wouldn't happen.

How often do you clear out your makeup collection?


  1. it hurts but I definitely toss it! :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. It kills me when I have to throw something out! Just goes to show I don't need half of the things I buy! I think having a blog sale would be a greta idea of getting rid of things that havent expired but that i've had long enough to know im not using!

    Abigail Alice x | Check out my Carli Bybel Giveaway!

  3. Great post! I never new this I would just throw out my mascara when it became gloopey.. I think I have a lot of binning to do!

    Abi x

  4. Amazing pics, I love this post!

    Alice Cerea,

  5. I'm pretty good on keeping my cream and liquid makeup pieces updated! but when it comes to powders... well, I just keep them for very long! Setting powder is something I use up quickly, because I open one and use it until I finish, but blush, bronzer and higlighter powders, I have many in different colours and I want to rotate them, so I just never ever go through them! I also have several lipsticks in my collection, but I try not to open them all at once, and use them up before expiration, but I fail miserably at that :(

    Nati | New post on Polished Polygot

  6. In that case I really need to throw away a lot of my makeup. I'm guilty of hoarding so much makeup. But thank you for the information.

    Sam || Beautydetour