Vanity Desk Tour


I've been feeling uninspired lately hence the lack of blog posts, but I'm slowly getting back into it and today I thought I'd do something different than my usual posts which is a tour of my vanity desk! I got the desk about two years ago from Al Huzaifa Furniture in Dubai along with the little chair underneath. I love the look of it and it's perfect for my collection of products. 

On top of the desk I have a mirror I got from IKEA to use while doing my makeup. The desk originally could be bought with a mirror to hang on the wall but my mother bought it as a writing desk and another vanity desk that came from the same collection except it had 6 big drawers. After moving here and having a room to myself, I use this as my vanity desk and bought another writing desk with shelves for my books. I also bought a transparent desk pad from IKEA and turned it to a marble one myself.

On top of the desk pad I keep the mirror and an acrylic container with makeup that has black packaging including all my MAC lipsticks (such a small collection, I know). I also keep my gym membership card inside just so it's easy to reach out to, I'm keeping it real instead of keeping it in a drawer for the sake of the post. 

Last thing I keep on top of the pad is a small pink dish and I have a little gold ring, my Vampire Diaries necklace and my Daniel Wellington watch in there. I like to keep my watch there since I've been wearing it often and it's easily accessible. You can check out my review for it here. The 15% discount is still available to use on their site, just use my code: YOUSRA

On the right drawer I just store random things like hair ties, bobby pins and etc. I also keep my konjac sponge there after it dries (will have a review up on it this next week), a perfume and a thread spool for when I'm not lazy and decide to tame my eyebrows on my own. The two glass containers are recycled three wick candle jars from Bath & Body Works. 

In the middle drawer, I store my the rest of my makeup. The container with compartments is the GODMORGON box from IKEA. I store the rest of my lipsticks in the little squared compartments along with two single creamy eyeshadows. Beside that I keep the lip products such as liners, glosses, liquid lipsticks and my eyelash curler. Then next to that are two mascaras that I don't reach out to often (the lash sensational is waterproof don't attack me). Next, in another compartment are my concealers, a spooly, foundation, and blotting sheets. In the hidden compartment underneath are all my blushers, powders and highlighters. On the left of the box I keep a hair band to use for pamper days, another recycled container with sponges, vaseline for my lips and face cream. On the right, there's another face cream and two foundations (one as backup and the YSL one to finish up).

Lastly, the left drawer has random things again. I keep my MK watch and Pandora bracelet in there along with an umbrella, compact mirror, box of pins that I actually removed as I gave my bulletin board away and a light plug. That is all I keep in my vanity desk, let me know in the comments if you would like to see a post on my bedside table too or any post you would want to see on my blog in general! 


  1. Sooo pretty! I'm totally jealous! I've wanted a vanity forever but there's no room in my bedroom sadly. Yours is perfect!!


  2. OMG, your vanity is completely stunning!

    Katie |

  3. Your desk is completely gorgeous! And it's made even better by the fact that you keep it nice and uncluttered. I know I wouldn't be able to do that! All of the details on top are so cute, and the inside is so nicely organised :) So in love with it, haha!


  4. I love this types of posts! It's super fun to see other's vanity desks haha. It's super clean an organized, perfect for me haha. What number is the kate lipstick from rimmel on the top? Thanks!

  5. Super jealoooussssssss! Not only is everything so beautiful but it's so clean and organised! At the moment, I have products that I don't use often in a box and everything I reach for on the daily is scattered on top of my vanity. ahah super unorganised!

  6. In love with your color palette and gorgeous space! Everything is so clean and sleek and super organised, wow! xxxxx

  7. So beautiful! So in love with your dressing table! Xx

  8. I love your vanity! It's always been a dream of mine to have one like that!

    LIVING IN PLAID - Personal Style Blog from Brussels

  9. I looooove your dressing table!! So beautiful! :)

  10. I looooove your dressing table!! So beautiful! :)

  11. Wow! I love your vanity desk it's so pretty :)

    xx Jamie| With Love, Jamie

  12. Beautiful desk, I love it!

  13. SUCH a beautiful vanity desk! You lucky thing :) so well organised, too! xxx


  14. Ohh I absolutely love your desk it is just simply gorgeous.

    Nicole xx |

  15. What a gorgeous dressing table!

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