Insta-Recap #1


The weekend is finally here! I've been so excited I always am , I just can't wait to catch up on sleep and be able to wake up whenever I want for the next two days. 

Also, joined the gym today what what?? . If you've read my New Year's Resolutions post you will notice how I did not even mention the typical "go to the gym, eat healthy" goal because I honestly didn't even have that in mind for the year. Something last week made me want to just join the gym and finally work on my body to get to the point where I'm finally happy with it. Had the appointment fixed for today and the trainer showed me around and got me to work out (not looking forward to the soreness tomorrow) and I can't wait to keep going back!

When I went out last week with my sisters after finally finishing my exams (which went quite well), I went in the bookstore and found this cute little section where you can have a "blind date with a book". I've seen this around online but honestly never thought I'd come across it myself! The concept is quite intriguing. The book is wrapped up and a few words describing it are written on top of it and voila, whichever you find interesting you shall buy! I honestly couldn't see myself go for it just because I'm very picky with everything. I'd rather know about a book, check the synopsis and a few reviews unless it's by an author I love, then I can just go straight into it without knowing anything. Maybe I'll go for it one day and buy one of those "blind date" books!

The planner in one of these pictures has been so helpful during exams and in general! I loved using it and organizing my time. You can find out where you can get them for free here.

The last picture with the delicious dessert was a picture I took in August. It was a beautiful summer day and my cousin and I went out.  It was just perfect sitting out enjoying the food (but that huge bee that kept flying around us, not so fun). Speaking of summer, I miss it! It's gotten way too cold now and I've had enough of it haha. I usually appreciate every season but I'm starting to think winter over here isn't my favorite. I'd definitely have to pick fall/summer as my favorite seasons!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, I won't be doing this every single week though! My Instagram is mystictalesblog incase you want to follow me! Have a great weekend everyone :)

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  1. You look great in that lipstick shade.
    Great recap loves.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  2. yasss free planner. totally wanted to get one cause it's great for organizing x

  3. Ohh love these pictures and the quotes!! That lipstick shade really suits you. I've been looking for a free planner, so going to definitely check that out :) thanks for sharing x

    Lauren |

  4. I love the idea of a blind date with a book and it's not something I've heard of before. All your photos look fab so I'll definitely head over to your Instagram and have a nosey :) x

  5. Great post dear! So glad you went to the gym and shared your experience with us :)

  6. This is a cute post! I love the idea of sharing your insta pics on your blog, I think that is a good post idea! You have a great theme running on your blog too! Love it. <3

    The Dazzle Guide