Favorite Fall/Winter Lipsticks


I think that it's safe to say that the sunny, scorching days are long gone now. It's dark in the mornings when I'm on the way to school and it is dark again when I return home, especially when it is at 6pm on Tuesdays/Wednesdays (not too happy about that). One thing that does make me happy though is all the berry and wine colored lipsticks that I get to wear during this time of the year, these are definitely a staple for me. I just think that they add the perfect festive touch to your whole look. In this post, I'm going to go through all my favorite lipsticks that I like to wear during the fall and winter times.

From Left to Right - Rimmel Kate Moss 30 / Rimmel Kate Moss 107 / Chanel 34 / Chanel 125 / MAC Rebel / MAC Ruby Woo / Essence 04 / Revlon 250

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss 30

This lipstick is probably my favorite out of all these besides MAC's Rebel. It is a beautiful dark berry color, that suits my pale face a lot. It isn't very vampy, it's just the perfect shade. As for the formulation, these have a semi-matte finish and are more moisturising than her other lipsticks. I love everything about this product and I have no complaints about it, not even the scent (which many people despise).

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss 107

This shade is very famous among the blogging world and it is loved by many including myself. This shade is just as dark as the one I've mentioned above and they seem quite similar in the swatches above but they really aren't. 107 is more of a red/wine shade while the shade 30 is more of a dark purple/berry lipstick. This lipstick is definitely more matte than the shade 30 lipstick but it never dried out my lips.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 34 La Raffinée

For days when I don't feel like wearing dark shades, this is one of the lipsticks I like to go for. For a matte lipstick, this is very moisturising. The lipstick glides onto my lips like a balm, stays put for hours then starts to leave a beautiful stain. I love how this lipstick is a mixture of pink and nude, it's just the perfect shade for me as I'm not the biggest fan of all the completely nude lipsticks out there.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 125 Indécise

As I mentioned above, I'm not the biggest fan of many nude lipsticks. This lipstick is one of the few exceptions though. This is an easy go-to lipstick for me other than the shade 34. Also, can we just talk about the packaging of these two lipsticks? It's so classy and pretty! Chanel's packaging are the best.
MAC Rebel

This is a very beautiful unique berry lipstick that basically looks different on every person. I usually like to wear it with a simple outfit and sometimes even put the Kate Moss 30 shade on top of this shade. This last so long and doesn't dry out on my lips either. For those who don't own this shade and are a bit freaked out by the tube, I promise it's not as dark as you think it may be. I've noticed how different it looks on many people, so try it out and see what you think of it!

MAC Ruby Woo

This is literally my favorite red lipstick from any out there. I wore it to my cousin's wedding and got complimented on it by many people. It's a TRUE red, that no other lipstick can beat. It's lasting power is so strong and it suits everyone. I wouldn't wear this on normal days though just because I'm not that comfortable wearing such a bold red lipstick, so I find it perfect for events/occasions. Many people do not like how dry it feels on your lips but if you wear a really good lip balm before applying this, you should be fine. I would recommend applying Vaseline on your lips, it works wonders. 

Essence 04 On The Catwalk!

This is the lipstick I always reach out to when I want a very settle berry lipstick. It's very moisturising and I definitely wouldn't consider it to be a bold lip color that would get everyone to stare at you like most fall lipsticks do. It's a perfect berry shade for this time of the year especially for those who don't like wearing bold lipsticks. I've already talked about this lipstick on my brand focus post for Essence, so you can go ahead and read it if you would like to know more about it. 

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm 250 Standout

Unlike Ruby Woo, this is a dark red lip color. I love how easily this applies and once again doesn't dry on my lips although it's a matte lipstick. It has a tad bit of a shine to it despite it's claim of being a Matte balm, but hey I'm not complaining. I also just love the minty feeling it leaves on my lips haha! This is true to it's name, it definitely stands out!

What are your favorite lipsticks to wear during the fall/winter?


  1. Rebel looks like such a beautiful shade!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  2. Essence 04 is so pretty! Love these shades <3

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  3. I have yet to try Essence lipsticks, I hear they are really great! Love how this list includes high end and affordable ones...Mac Rebel is LIFE! haha
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. They all look so gorgeous <3 very tempted now ;)
    Chloe xx

  5. Great picks, I love MAC lipsticks!!
    Have a lovely weekend:)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  6. love the Mac! but what i love most is the Standout by Revlon. so velvety and minty, such a pleasure to wear :)


  7. Standout is my signature go to lipstick in Autumn and oh my gosh, I have yet to buy Rimmel kate 107 until today, time to change that soon!

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  8. such gorgeous lipstick choices! can't pick a favourite

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com


  9. I loved all , they are beautiful , I like the most are the MAC


  10. The Rimmel lipsticks are the best drugstore lipsticks I ever tried, they can easily compete with their luxury alternatives. I`m also a big fan of Essence, their nude collection is so nice.