What's In My Bag (School + Day Out)


Hey everyone! For today's post I thought I'd share what's in my bag. I'm a very nosy person so I love seeing what people keep in their bags, and I know there's others who are like that too so I hope you enjoy having a peek inside my bags. I have two separate bags, one is for school and the other is for weekends and if I have to go somewhere besides school during the week. I just find it easier than having to remove books and such.  

The bag that I use for school is a Michael Kors tote bag in the color 'Luggage' (similar here) and I think it is the perfect size and it fits everything I need. I can easily just reach out to it and whatever I need since it has no zipper, although that wouldn't be ideal for a shopping day in the busy city. It's all big and spacious for the books, necessities, and food I keep inside. 

First thing I have inside the bag is obviously a book or folders that I needed to take home for the day, besides that I will keep everything inside my locker. I always plan and write down things I need to do at home then I put my planner inside my bag and take it with me everyday. Although it's a quite big planner making my bag heavier easily, I always need it for writing down tasks and planning what I need to do after school. Of course, I take my phone with me as well and that's with my headphones in a zipperless pocket right in the front.

Then, I've got my black pencil case from Paperchase. I've already purchased two of these in the past four years and I love it. It has the perfect amount of space for my stationary and two little pockets where I can keep things like my USB. For the things like tape, stapler, hole puncher and etc. that are too big for me to carry around my bag, I have a blue container of a set of these things in a mini version. I've also got a black and gold bag in which I keep things like tissues, hand cream, roll-on perfume, sanitizer and lipstick. Then, I've got my locker key (plus my house key which isn't present in this picture haha) and lastly my wallet. 

As for the bag I take out with me for errands or a day out during the weekend, I like to keep it very minimal and only put things which I actually need. The bag is from a store called Elleez New York in MyZeil, Frankfurt. It was originally €80 then went on sale to €40 then at last to €30! I think this crossbody bag is perfect as it's not too big nor small. Now on to what I keep in it. First thing I do before I get out of the house is obviously switch my wallet from the other bag to this one and put my phone in there too. Then there's other things that are already in there like my sunglasses for sunny days, my anatomicals foam sanitizer for whenever my hands get dirty while snacking on something (which is all the time) and any type of hand cream. If the bag I'm carrying does not fit my umbrella which in this case it doesn't, I still carry it with me in case it rains. Of course, I've got to take the lip product I'm wearing that day and as summer time is here I also have this sample of blotting sheets from Jolse. Any bag I carry around always has to have a pad in one of the zipped pockets in case of emergencies, so I've got one in there too. That is all I keep in this bag, like I said I don't like to put things in my bags just for the sake of filling them up. I only keep things I need and reach out to all the time.

What are some things you have to keep in your bag?

Favorite YouTubers Roundup


For today's post I thought I would do something different which is to talk about the YouTubers that I enjoy watching. I will also do something similar for bloggers in the future. There's many different types of YouTubers I love watching. I'm interested in watching beauty related videos, fashion videos, lifestyle videos, vlogs, song covers, funny storytimes and book related videos too. I'm currently subscribed to 47 people and I watch most of their videos unless they upload something I'm not interested in. I don't know if it's just me but there are some people I don't subscribe to but from time to time I check out their channels and watch some videos. I've picked 20 of my favorite ones and even a few of those make videos sometimes I actually don't end up watching while there are some I always have to watch.

My Binge-Watch List for Summer


Hi, everyone! I feel like it's been a while since I posted. I've had exams the past two weeks and I've been studying a lot so I thought it would be best to focus on studying instead of blogging. I still have three weeks of school left (help me) but it's a lot less stressful now that exams are over so I can focus on my blog and... start binge watching tv shows and movies! I am definitely going to travel somewhere for a week or so but besides that my summer will be all about reading books, watching movies and tv shows, blogging and improving my German. I will definitely have posts up about the books I will read and which ones I like but here is a list I've come up with for what I will be watching this summer! There's a chance I may not like one of these shows so do recommend some below that I can check out incase! 

Book Review: Me Before You (No Spoilers)


    Author: Jojo Moyes

    Page Count: 512

    Genre: Romance/Fiction/Adult

    Format:  Paperback

     ISBN: 9780718157838