Recent Favorites #2


Hi everyone.........

It's been a while. By a while I mean more than 3 months. Longest I've ever gone without blogging and at first there was no big reason for example when I got back from Paris, I just wasn't inspired to blog and was going through a big slump. I didn't blog at all, barely got any reading done and barely watched TV shows. Then, my senior year of school started which started off with too much work and it still is a lot of work. I even considered to stop blogging and just go private on social media at one point but everyone stopped me haha. I'm finally feeling a bit more inspired so I'm going to try my best to upload at least once or twice a week now. For today's post I thought it would be best to share what I've been loving since the last favorites post.

My Travel Makeup Bag | 2016


As I'm going on a one week trip to Paris tomorrow, I thought I would share what's in my travel makeup bag for today's post. Surprisingly,  I was able to fit everything I needed in the Lily England makeup bag that came with the brushes which is great. I pretty much just put in all my holy grail products in there and mostly just put one product of each type of product except for lip products because who keeps only one lip product in their makeup bag?!

Lily England Brushes Review


Hello everyone! Today's post is going to be a review of the Lily England brushes (now on sale) that I've been loving so much lately. I have been using these brushes every time I do my makeup ever since they arrived. The set of 5 brushes now costs £25.99 which is a decent price for such high quality brushes, in my opinion. The luxurious collection is cruelty-free/vegan and crafted by hand to the highest standards. 

My Summer Reading List | 2016


Summertime is finally here and this season is perfect for fluffy romance or even dark contemporaries by the beach or in your garden. I get most of my reading done during this time of the year and I'm sure that I am not the only one. This time is different though because I don't go to the same school anymore where I used to have 3 month long vacations and could finish as many books and TV shows as I wanted (internally crying). I feel like I have so many things to do in these two months and the days are passing by so fast. I'm hoping I can get through the 7 books I have chosen for my summer reading list.